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En Heartmelting bild på Jackson!

Alltså jag var bara tvungen!!! Detta är i från när Jackson och hans co-star promotade The Last Air Bender.

Källan HÄR!

///Be Safe

Nya bilder på Robert + intervju med New York Times!

DESPITE the best efforts of Summit Entertainment’s publicity team, which has a third “Twilight” movie to promote, it took more than a month to corral the heartthrob star of the franchise for an interview. Robert Pattinson, various handlers explained, was at the mercy of a chaotic shooting schedule for “Water for Elephants,” his biggest non-“Twilight” picture to date.

Fair enough. A guy’s got to work. But Mr. Pattinson was also not particularly eager to chat for the quadrillionth time about Edward Cullen, the tenderhearted vampire he will reprise on June 30 in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” When he was finally able to break away from the circus (the setting of “Water for Elephants,” not the throng of paparazzi and hyperventilating girls who trail him around), Mr. Pattinson seemed to have a bit of “Twilight” burnout.

“It can get a little boring,” he said softly over coffee at the Four Seasons hotel here, referring both to playing an unchanging vampire and to chewing over the Cultural Importance of It All. “The good news is that the whole thing is done in seven months.”

Not that he’s counting the days or anything.

Fortunately for fans (and Summit) and unfortunately, it seems, for Mr. Pattinson, the tally is short by about a year. Filming may wrap up on the “Twilight” series in seven months, but Summit has decided to split the fourth (and final) “Twilight” novel by Stephenie Meyer, “Breaking Dawn,” into two parts. So Mr. Pattinson will probably be out hawking the final installment in the summer of 2012.

Please don’t misunderstand him. Mr. Pattinson, 24, is fully aware that he probably would not have much of a career without the “Twi-hards,” as the mostly female following of the movies are known. His only role of note prior to Edward Cullen was a bit part in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” as Cedric Diggory, the doomed love interest of Hermione. To achieve this level of success so soon after coming to Hollywood — “Twilight” and “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” took in a cumulative $1.1 billion at the global box office — is the rarely achieved dream of young actors everywhere.

But the searing, worldwide fame that has come with the franchise has left him emotionally raw. Hunted by the tabloid media (“R-Patz Cuts His Hair!”), Mr. Pattinson changed hotels six times in the month and a half he has spent in Los Angeles filming “Water for Elephants.” He arrived for coffee wearing both a baseball cap and sunglasses to cover his floppy locks and haunting good looks, and he immediately vetoed a booth hand picked by a publicist for its privacy as too public. “Kris is better about dealing with photographers than I am,” he said, referring to his equally sought after co-star, Kristen Stewart, after finally settling on an outdoor nook surrounded by tall hedges.

“I’ve learned to let it go a bit, but I’m still really bothered by it,” he said. “The more you are exposed, the more people irrationally hate you, I think we reached a point, a peak, with ‘New Moon’ where the stories became so saturated into the culture that it started to feel normal. It’s like the tabloids don’t know what to write anymore because they’ve used up all their scandals.”

He also worries about getting pigeonholed as nothing more than a teen idol. Sure, he excels as a pale brooder in the gooey “Twilight” movies, as evidenced by how fully Ms. Meyer’s legions — the books have sold about 100 million copies worldwide since 2005 — have embraced him. But Mr. Pattinson talks about a desire to play “characters that are not parodies,” and he would love to do a comedy with Todd Solondz (“Welcome to the Dollhouse”). He would like to have a career like Joaquin Phoenix, somebody who makes unorthodox roles pop. (That’s when Mr. Phoenix is working in front of the camera at all and not pursuing other interests, like music or showing up all bearded and bizarre on the “Late Show With David Letterman.”)

To this end the London-born Mr. Pattinson has been busy accepting roles that seem linked only by a quirky diversity. In “Water for Elephants,” an adaptation of Sara Gruen’s novel, he plays a veterinarian who joins a Depression-era circus after his parents are killed. The indie “Bel Ami,” from the Maupassant novel, co-starring Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, has him playing an unscrupulous social climber who rises to power in Paris by manipulating wealthy women. A possible role in a western called “Unbound Captives” calls for him to speak almost entirely in Comanche.

“I do think the teen idol thing is something that Robert Pattinson needs to worry about,” said Jeanine Basinger, the chairwoman of the film studies department at Wesleyan University and the author of “The Star Machine.” “The question is whether an actor is so perfect at one thing at a particular point in time that the audience refuses to accept him as anything else.”

She rattled off a list. Christopher Atkins, who shot to fame (with Brooke Shields) in “The Blue Lagoon” but was soon forgotten when he tried other roles. Corey Feldman, along with most of his “Lost Boys” castmates. The verdict is out on Zac Efron, who next appears in the drama “Charlie St. Cloud.” Worrying that “Footloose” was too similar to “High School Musical,” Mr. Efron bailed on the remake and has been absent from the big screen for over a year.

“Usually the guys who have the looks to be teen idols don’t grow up to look like what we think of as rugged leading men,” Ms. Basinger said.

There is hope. Leonardo DiCaprio, whose post-“Titantic” adoration is probably the closest thing to what Mr. Pattinson has experienced, struggled to move beyond Jack Dawson (remember “The Beach”?) but successfully evolved by picking gritty roles and teaming with Martin Scorsese in movies like “The Aviator,” “The Departed” and “Shutter Island.”

“Water for Elephants,” which also stars Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, is awaiting a release date from 20th Century Fox. It’s the kind of serious literary role that could bring critical attention and stretch minds about Mr. Pattinson’s range. “There is a profound vulnerability about Rob and his mannerisms, and that makes him supremely accessible,” said Elizabeth Gabler, president of Fox 2000, the studio unit making the film. “He also has an innate kindness about him that is wonderful in this role.”

Mr. Pattinson has clearly enjoyed working on something else. He lit up when talking about the shoot, mentioning a scene in which a lion had to bite his arm and another where he had to spend hours shoveling horse manure — an unsettling detail given the grimy condition of his fingernails. “It feels like everyone is an Oscar winner except me,” he said of the cast and crew.

Much is riding on “Water for Elephants” because his leading roles outside of “Twilight” have disappointed or failed at the box office. The inexpensive romantic drama “Remember Me,” released in March, grossed only $19 million in North America. About $35 million in overseas ticket sales eased the pain a little, but the upshot was that Mr. Pattinson appeared unable to anchor a movie despite the “Twilight” nuttiness. “Little Ashes,” a foreign film in which Mr. Pattinson played a randy Salvador Dalí (and filmed before “Twilight”), barely registered a blip in limited release last year.

The only career advice Hollywood veterans have for Mr. Pattinson is to keep doing what he is doing. “Continuing to take different kinds of roles and continuing to take chances will ultimately work,” said Allen Coulter, who directed “Remember Me.” “People unwilling to see him as anything but Edward Cullen will eventually be worn down.”

Part of Mr. Pattinson’s challenge is undoubtedly the vampire. The only movie franchise that remotely compares to “Twilight” in terms of popularity and the number of films starring the same cast is “Harry Potter.” But as the “Harry Potter” stories have progressed, Daniel Radcliffe has been allowed to grow up. By his “Twilight” character’s very nature — a vampire who doesn’t age — Mr. Pattinson is largely stuck.

“I hope it doesn’t start looking ridiculous,” Mr. Pattinson said, referring to himself growing older but playing the same character.

Audiences can judge for themselves at the end of this month when “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” arrives at the multiplex. The second movie was more about the chemistry between Bella, the sullen high school student (Ms. Stewart), and Jacob, the werewolf (an often shirtless Taylor Lautner). The third movie, filmed at a cost of $68 million and directed by David Slade (“Hard Candy”), is about the triangle: the push and pull of Ms. Stewart’s character between her vampire boyfriend and werewolf admirer.

“As Rob has acted more, he has become less conscious of the camera and more connected to the character,” said Wyck Godfrey, a producer of the first three films. Mr. Pattinson’s confidence is growing, he said, but the actor can still be self-deprecating to a fault. “Rob comes out of every scene thinking, ‘Oh God, that was a disaster.’ ”

“Twilight” fever shows few signs of letting up. Advance sales are on a par with “New Moon,” and the number of licensing deals (Burger King, Vitamin Water, Volvo) is enormous. “Eclipse” may open on a similar scale as “New Moon”; the franchise has probably matured, analysts say. But the last two movies opened during the school year, and the hope is that a marquee summer slot — the Fourth of July weekend — will generate repeat business that dwarfs the other films.

Mr. Pattinson won’t have much time to parse the results, much less take a six-month vacation, which is what Mr. Godfrey said the young actor needs. Production for “Breaking Dawn” starts as soon as October.

Du hittar ännu mera bilder och källan genom att klicka HÄR!

torsdag 17 juni 2010

Ashley Greene hos Jay Leno

Ashley Greene som spelar Alice var med på Jay Leno show den 14e juni, tyvärr finns det ingen video med jättebra kvalité men jag hoppas det går bra med denna. Men jag gillar när de är med på olika tv shower för de bjuder på sig själva :) Kramar P OBS! Det kan vara Eclipse spoilers


Eclipse Tv Spot Fierce Jasper

Det har kommit ut en ny Eclipse tv spot och den är kort och heter Fierce Jasper!

Enjoy :D


Bakom kulisserna Taylor Lautner GQ

Hittade en video från när Taylor Lautner tog sina bilder för GQs juli nummer, ni får sen se bilderna i ett annat inlägg :)

Jag måste skriva att det blev många riktigt snygga bilder på honom! 8Så jag lägger inte upp alla av dom, bara vissa)

Många kramar <3


onsdag 16 juni 2010

Twilight stjärnorna Photobox

Twilight stjärnorna gick in i en photo box i LA för Extra Tv. Det var under helgens press konferenser som de gjorde det och jag tycker det blve många roliga bilder. Ni kan se lite av bilderna här under men vill ni se mer klicka här ;)

Kramar P <3 href="http://www.eclipsemovie.org/eclipse-cast-photobox-la-pictures-from-the-press-junket/">Källa

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Twilight News Needs You

Hello everyone, i´m just one person who owns and writes on this blog.

So if anyone would like to help, comment on this blog post.

I need your help...

(I don´t own the photo, just so you know, it´s from TheTwilightSaga.se)

måndag 14 juni 2010

Taylor Lautner’s untagged ‘Eclipse’ press conference pics!

Here are some untagged pics of Taylor Lautner
in the Eclipse movie press conference:

There’s more here Taylor lovers!


Alex Meraz Break Dancing at LA Twilight Convention 06/12/10

Alex Meraz half-undresses and then break dances at the LA Twilight Convention (July 13th). Alex is one gorgeous boy… that body!

(Via BellasDairy)

Papa & Mama Cullen

Check out the wonderful pictures of Peter Facinelli shared via twitter!

Papa & Mama Cullen total cute together!

Via source via Peters twitter

Billy Burke release his debut album Removed

On June 22nd, 2010 — “removed”, my 12 song debut
album will be available as a digital download or mail
order physical copy (with 12 page booklet) either here
on this site, at iTunes, or wherever you buy
your music. Please know that hard copies
of the CD with booklet are in limited supply so if you
want one we urge you to order quickly.


Nikki Reed – Nylon Magazine Outtakes

Beautiful Nikki Reed - I can understand in a way
why she was chosen to play Rosalie Hale!

see all images of this source ..

söndag 13 juni 2010

Eclipse, done & done

Now it is officially - the film is finished.

And not long left before we even get to see it! * Gambollings *

And listen to what David Slade said about Eclipse being finsished:

"Last Night completed our final duties delivering on Eclipse my wonderful fiance took this picture of my expression"

Via soure and then David Slades Twitter

Bryce Dallas Howard, Xaiver Samuel and Dakota Fanning about Eclipse

Found a video with Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria), Xavier Samuel (Riley) and Dakota Fanning (Jane). They were interviewed by Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood press junket in Eclipse this weekend.

Dakota could not be in the Twilight of the convention, she took the ACT college entrance exam: D What fun for her!

Hugs <3


The bloody revenge part one

Since I'm from Sweden so maybe the text is not translated so well.
So I hope you understand. But, I write a fan fic called the bloody revenge, it is Victoria's story. Victoria is played by Bryce Dallas Howard. I hope you like it.

The bloody revenge ...

Hmm ... Victoria thought so that it creaked. She thought up the perfect plan to crush

Cullen. Victoria wanted to avenge her beloved James. Victoria James was everywhere and then every

he was killed by Cullen. Victoria did not care so much about Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie,

Emmett, Jasper and Alice. She wanted to Edwards's girlfriend, and maybe he has to eat breakfast.

She took one look at her flame red hair and it immediately brought a memory from in 1759.

That was the year that Victoria formed a large army of newborn vampires in southern Mexico.

She remembered who we were her side, who was the newborn's second captain.

Riley was his name. He was a young man who was with the army in America at that time. Riley was

blonde and had a dark hazel color of his eyes. Victoria and Riley and every girlfriend

boyfriend after years when they tried to grab her some cities in Mexico, and Austraila

America. "It is what good times there," said Victoria herself and sukade. She got up immediately

and went to the opening of the cave as she was in the days when it was sunny. Because she can

not be outside when it is sunny because then she is burnt down to ashes. Victoria discovered that the sun

had gone down and the night approached. Then she began to think about what that would be

co - Captain with her. She thought of her old friend whose name was Serena von Sazine. Serena

Victoria were friends since they were both in their creator's newborn army. Their creator was called

Mary. Mary had a light milky white skin, ice blonde hair and dark nougat brown hue. Then went

Victoria and picked up the few things she brought with her when she came to the cave. Then

she was out of the cave and immediately took off her necklace with the things that she has gathered after

all her victims. She hugged the collar and said to himself "you will succeed".

The necklace was her lucky charm. Victoria estimated that it would take about one and a

half hours to get to Serena's palace in Dubai. After she had run for a while it started

thirst to come. She stopped at the side of the forest as she ran out on the edge. She saw

that the three men as hiking. She felt their smell and enticed her. She approached

their prey by making an illusion to do so they would think that it was an army with

hundred of Victoria. Walkers started getting confused. The oldest said "whoever you

is reached, we are not afraid of you. " Victoria was suddenly presented to the three men.

"Hey hey, are you making such a young girl who you are out in the woods so late," said the youngest of them

all. Victoria teleported behind the men and began to caress all the three men. It

which was the second child said, "Oh, you know exactly what we like". Victoria ran from there and then

back with a really fast speed and then bet all the men in his throat and began to continue

to run.

Alex Meraz official website now up!

You know him as wolf pack member Paul from New Moon,
and the upcoming Eclipse Movie. Now you can get to know the
guy behind the wolf a little better Check out AlexMeraz.com
to see Alex’s artwork, videos, bio & more!

[Thank you BellasDiary via Amy]

New pics of ‘Eclipse cast from Access Hollywood!

Look at this adorable pic i found over att the
source when Eclipse cast from Access Hollywood.
I got to say i luv Jacksons new haircut, he is so cute.
Kellan has his hairs black again, so sexy and Ashley you look so amazing.

See more pic at the source

Twilight New goes English

ObsessedbyTwilight/ Twilight new goes English. Nu har jag bestämmt mig.
För att få mer läsare så finns Obsessedbytwilight bara på engelska.
I hopp om att få läsare från utlandet. Och så kommer jag att börja lägga ut en fan fiction historia skriven av mig. Den handlar om Victoria och när hon sänder Riley och hennes gamla vän (som jag har hittat på) Serena + de nyfödda vampyrerna efter Cullens..
Lots of love ObsessedbyTwilight staff

fredag 11 juni 2010

Eclipse klipp med Victoria

En intervju med Bryce Dallas Howard och klipp från eclipse.
Familjen Cullen försöker "fånga" Victoria..

Jag blir galen på mig själv att jag inte kan sluta kolla på alla klipp som kommer. Nu borde dom sluta släppa fler.
Eller vad tycker ni?


Kan du gissa rätt på Ashley Greene's frågor?

Hahah, kolla om ni kan gissa vem det är Ashley pratar om :)
Hur många hade ni rätt på?


Grattis till bloggen som nu har

200 inlägg...

Nu firar Twilight News eller Obsessedbytwilight 200 inlägg på bloggen och vi har funnits sedan december förra året. Vi känner oss värkligen glada att det har gått så fort, att vi redan har över 200 inlägg. Även om vi har varit lite ´Missing in Action´.

Grattis Grattis!!
Jo, grattis till alla som har tagit studenten och har haft skolavslutning!

MVH Twilight News flocken
(OBSERVERA att jag inte äger bilden. Den är tagen från Google)

Dagens Låt av OK GO

För alla ROBPATTZ fans så får ni dagens låt av OK GO - You're So Damn Hot!


Men's Health - ny bild!

Här är en scan med en nya bild på Ashley från tidningen Men's Health! :)


Halv nytt Eclipse klipp med Riley och Bree

Det har kommit ut ännu ett Eclipse klipp men denna gången med Riley och Bree och klippet heter What did you do to me?

Spännande med Bree och Riley och för er som inte läser The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner så tycker jag att ni ska göra det! Jag tycker den är super ;D

Kramar och hoppas ni gillar klippet! <3


Ashley till nagelsalongen

Ashley Greene på våäg till en nagelsalong i LA 9 juni!
"Eclipse" stjärnan Ashley Greene sågs på väg till en nagelsalong
och dagspa i i LA igår eftermiddag (9 juni).

Se mer bilder här


torsdag 10 juni 2010

Ny bild av Dakota Fanning på 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards!

Ashley Greene på Disneyland

Medan majoriteten av Eclipse Movie skådisarna
gick på 2010 MTV Movie Awards i helgen,
så skippade Ashley Greene och åkte till
Disneyland för att fira en kompis födelsedag! Här är ett par bilder:


onsdag 9 juni 2010

Obsessedbytwilight tar en kort sommar paus

Obsessedbytwilight tar en kort sommar paus, nu när det blir sommar lov på fredag och så.
Jag har faktiskt ett liv förutom bloggen, så jag tänker vara med kompisar bada o sånt.
Obs! jag kommer inte att sluta att blogga, bara för att jag ta en paus.
Jag kommer tillbaka till helgen eller en regnig dag o blogga järnet och ta igen.
Bye bye
/// Obsessedbytwilights ägare Patty

Ashley Greene sågs ute i Los Angeles, CA på måndag (juni 7).

En annan hårfärg Ashley Greene sågs ute i LA 7 juni.
Föredrar du henne med ljus eller mörkt hår? Tweeta mig hit och låt mig veta!


Se mer bilder här..

Anna Kendrick på Glamour Women of the Year "Awards i London på tisdag (juni 8)

Anna Kendrick såg härligt ut på Berkeley Square Gardens i London på tisdag (juni 8). Efter att ha flugit in till stan tidigare på dagen, så gick "Eclipse" skådespelerska till den fashionabla Glamour Women of the Year Awards.


Se mer bilder här..

Anna Kendrick anländer till flygplatsen Heathrow i London på tisdag (juni 8).

Eclipse människan Anna Kendrick (som spelar Bellas mänskliga vän Jessica) sågs anlända på Heathrow flygplats i London idag (juni 8: e).
Se mer bilder här..

Peter Facinelli berättar för MTV att Eclipse ‘Exceeded’ alla hans förväntningar!

MTV ifatt Eclipse vamp daddie Peter Facinelli på 2010 MTV Movie Awards där han erkände att han såg filmen bara två dagar före utmärkelser. Han säger också att filmen "överskridas" alla hans förväntningar! Jag har en känsla av att det kommer mer än överstiger alla våra förväntningar också!


Dakota Fanning i New York på tisdags eftermiddag (juni 8).

Dakota Fanning (som spelar Volturi medlemen Jane) var Pretty in Pink när hon klev ut ur sin bil i New York på tisdag eftermiddag (juni 8). En true fashionists tycker jag.

Ashley Greene Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

Ashley Greene som spelar Alice Cullen var med på 9th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball. Eventet hölls den 5e juni i LA.

Som vanligt var Ashley super söt och jag måste säga att jag gillar hennes fina hår! långt och lite lockigt, åå man blir avundsjuk :P

Kramar :)<3

Ännu en Eclipse-still ;)

Och som ni ser så fick Edward behålla sin Volvo xc60 i Eclipse ;)


Vinn biljetter till Eclipse filmen!

TV1000 har startat en ny tävling där man har chansen att vinna biljetter till The Twilight Saga: Eclipse! Allt man behöver att göra är att helt enkelt klä ut sig så att man ser exakt ut som någon utav karaktärerna.

Är du lik Bella, Edward, Angela eller någon av de andra i The Twilight Saga?
Då kan det vara du + en vän som går upp för röda mattan i Stockholm på
världspremiären den 29e juni. Ladda upp ditt foto och sätt igång att rösta!

I samband med premiären av Eclipse har vi laddat våra filmkanaler med de
tidigare filmerna i triologin; Twilight ser du just nu på TV1000 och på
ViasatOnDemand finner du New Moon.

Vinnarna koras den 25 juni, och kontaktas då av oss på TV1000.

För att komma till tävlingen, klicka då här.


Dagens bild (Eclipse spoiler – Jalice)

Se himla gulliga i hop, så gulliga att jag har blivit Team Emmett, Jasper och Alice.

Chaske Spencer – Intervju

With a recurring role in what has arguably become one of the most popular film franchises of the last decade, Twilight actor Chaske Spencer is surprisingly grounded.“I’m glad and very happy that I’ve got to be part of this pop culture phenomenon but at the end of the day it will go away,” he said last week, speaking from his base in Los Angeles.

“It will be a drinking game for the girls who grow up at college, it’s gonna launch some careers and give people a lot of opportunities.

“I’ve enjoyed the ride and I’m still enjoying the ride. I take it with a grain of salt.”

First appearing in the second film of the saga, New Moon, Spencer plays the role of Sam Uley, leader of the wolf pack.

“There’s a lot of physicality to this role and so when I prepare for Sam the book gives me the insight into what I need to go for with the character, but the workouts really helped out a lot. After you’re doing 100 push ups and 1000 sit ups you feel animalistic.”
He is currently promoting the third film, Eclipse, in which he and his fellow werewolves share a lot more screen time.

For those oblivious to the phenomenon, The Twilight Saga began with the best-selling series of novels by Stephenie Meyers.

The tale is spun around lead character Bella Swan, who is torn between love interest Edward Cullen, a 17-year-old “good” vampire, and her best friend Jacob Black, a 16-year-old werewolf who preys on “bad” vampires.

It’s a Mills & Boons-style romance, only with fangs and fur, and it has been embraced by a devout legion of Twilighters [as the fans are known] around the globe.

As well as continuing the love story, Eclipse will include more action and see the introduction of new characters.

“We [the wolf pack] join forces with the vampires and I think the fans are gonna love it, especially the ones who read the book,” Spencer said.

“We’ve got some new vampires coming in: Xavier [Samuel], who I think is a brilliant actor and a really good guy to work with; Julia Jones, she’s gonna play Leah Clearwater. I think she’s a wonderful actress and I’m very honoured to call her a friend. And BooBoo Stewart as well all these great new characters coming in.”

Spencer, a native American, was born of the Lakota Sioux tribe and raised on reservations in Montana and Idaho.

The 35-year-old has appeared in television series, films and on stage, but since appearing in New Moon, many a new door has opened.

“I’m gonna be forever attached to this franchise and it’s a double edged sword,” Spencer said.

“It’s a good thing because it’s giving me opportunities. For me, I appreciate everything it’s done but at some point you’ve got to distance yourself and take other roles where you keep your shirt on.

“I just did a film called Shouting Secrets, a very character driven movie and worked with a brilliant cast and a beautiful script, and that’s what the saga has allowed me. I also did a film called Winter In The Blood in which I pretty much play an alcoholic.

“I’ve been working before Twilight it just happened that when I got this role it’s given me a lot of exposure but I think you’ve got to keep a smart head on your shoulders and at some point back off.”

Spencer said he was grateful to the saga for its portrayal of native Americans.

“This time around we didn’t have to speak with a broken tongue or slap on the leather and feather,” he said.

“There’s character involved here and story, so it was a breath of fresh air … and the fans of Twilight don’t see us as native American actors, they see us as actors, which is something new. It’s a breath of fresh air that when the character’s introduced you have some rock music playing in the background, they’re not looking at you as long-haired native American. They’re looking at you as a werewolf that happens to be native.”

Spencer said that he would return for the fourth film in the saga, Breaking Dawn.

He said that the hardest aspect of preparing to play the part of a werewolf was the intense workouts.

“We hit the gym hard,” he said. “I really liked it though. My body has changed this past year, because I wasn’t that big. I was in shape but I was not the size that I am now.

“According to the book the wolves do get bigger when they’re in human form so I’ve been eating a lot, putting on weight, lifting more and then when it gets closer to game time I start getting cut, running, watching what I eat.

Biljetter till Eclipse går att köpas NU!

Nu är biljetterna till filmen The Twilight Saga: Eclipse släppta för oss som är Bioklubbsmedlem på SF! Tjänsten är gratis och bra, jag själv skaffade det i november och det har inte dykt upp några problem för mig alls!

Så passa på nu att boka och bli medlem folk, biljetterna går snabbt kan jag säga er!


Charlie Bewley i Cosmo

Eclipse vampyren Charlie Bewley som spelar Demitri i Eclipse är med i UK's Cosmo!

Super het och härligt med poolen i bakgrunden tycker jag :)


NYTT Exklusivt Eclipse Klipp

God kväll på er :D

Idag var de regnigt igen, Men morgonen började ändå bra för det har kommit ut ett nytt Exklusivy Eclipse klipp!

Klippet heter Blood Is Thicker Than Water och den kommer från TheInsider.com osm gjorde en inervju tillsammans med Robert Pattinson :)

Som sagt spoiler varning och här kommer klippet! Kramar <3>


Julia Jones DeMan Magazine!

Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) ska vara med i kommande DeMan magazine’s där Kellan Lutz är på omslaget. Hon blev också fotograferad av Mitchell McCormack och det blev jättefina bilder!

Här kommer ett litet utdrag från tidningen-

On her favorite Eclipse scene to film: “[My favorite was] one of the last scenes in the big battle toward the end. Those scenes have a great combination of action and emotional depth. Also, most of the characters are in them. I found shooting in the midst of all that chaos was great fun.”

On why she likes playing Leah Clearwater, a Native American: “One of the best parts about playing a member of the wolfpack, all of whom are Quileute, is that I don’t think of us in ethnic terms. Each character has so many intricate layers of detail that have to do with our back stories and our individual struggles. That is something I relish.”

On the five people she’d invite to her dream dinner party: “Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, novelist Louise Erdrich, actress Katharine Hepburn and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.”

Här kommer de fina bilderna på henne :)

Kramar <3>


Dakota Fanning CFDA Awards

Dakota Fanning som spelar bad vamp Jane var på CFDA Awards som hölls på Alice Tully Hall på Lincoln Center i NYC on Monday den 7 juni.

Dakota presenterade priset Accessory Designer of the Year och vann gjorde Alexis Bittar. Enligt JustJared ska Dakota haft Brian Atwood heels, ring av Loree Rodkin and a Jennifer Behr headpiece på sig.

Super söt klänning :) Kraaam <3>

fredag 4 juni 2010

Dream Magazine i ny intervju med Jodelle Ferland, aka Bree

What was it like working with Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Robert Pattinson?
Amazing! It was so much fun. You never know whether celebrities are going to be really nice or complete snobs (but most of them are nice) so it’s always reassuring to know that they haven’t let their fame get to their heads. I was a little nervous meeting them, but once I got to know everybody, that wore off, and I didn’t really think of them as celebrities anymore. I really enjoyed being able to meet and spend time with the whole ECLIPSE cast. I’ve actually worked with Kristen before, on THE MESSENGERS, but that was before the whole Twilight/Bella thing happened. It was great to work with her again. It’s too bad I’m not in BREAKING DAWN! But I’m not complaining. The fact that I got to be in ECLIPSE is amazing.

Have you read the TWILIGHT SAGA books before you found out about ECLIPSE?
I think I was just finishing the BREAKING DAWN book when I got called for the Bree audition. I loved the series, it was absolutely fantastic. I’m a total bookworm, and I just can’t put a book down once I start reading it. Especially a good book. So I didn’t get much sleep while I was reading the TWILIGHT series. I can honestly read until 5 o’clock in the morning if I’m really into the book. Probably later, if I wasn’t afraid that I’d fall asleep while eating breakfast.

Läs resten av intervjuen här >> http://thedreamagazine.com/june-cover-girl-jodelle-ferland/

Källa: http://thetwilightsaga.se

MTV Movie Awards

På onsdag smäller det. Då är det nämligen MTV Movie Awards på Gibsons Amphitheatre, nedan kan ni se två bilder därifrån. Ena är på Kristen och Roberts platser och den andra på scenen. Det kommer dock att sitta en agent/manger i mellan dom, på den tomma platsen. Det värkar som att Jessica Alba kommer att få en bra utsikt.

Se fler behind the scenes bilder här. http://www.mtv.com/photos/behind-the-scenes-at-the-2010-mtv-movie-awards/1640638/4918195/photo.jhtml

Källa: http://bellasdiary.com

Kramar P <3

torsdag 3 juni 2010

Lovevampires och Twilightsagafans har en tävling...

Se hit alla twilight fans...

Jag är med och tävlar

där man kan vinna biljetter till Twilight Fan Event på Hovet! Gissa hur glad jag blev när jag fick höra det. Jag hoppas värkligen att jag vinner biljetterna. Jag har alldrig vunnit något i mitt liv. Det är sant. Jag skulle dö för att vinna dessa biljetter.

Jag är snäll, ambitös och jag har ett gott hjärta för att hjälpa andra.
(Det är anledningen varför jag tycker att jag ska vinna)

Klicka på länken för att komma till tävlingen >>>http://twilightsagafans.blogg.se/2010/june/jag-fick-biljetter.html#comment

Snälla låt mig vinna, jag skulle verkligen uppskatta det!!

Twilight Girls Vanity Fair

God eftermiddag på er :D

Torsdag idag och vi hoppas på att den blir lika fin som gårdagen!

Tycker att vi börjar dagen med en jättefin bild i alla fall och den kommer från Vanity Fair photoshoot. Twilight girls kommer att vara med i augusti numret av Vanity Fair. Kolla in denna underbara bilden på Nikki Reed, Dakota Fanning , Bryce Dallas Howard, Julia Jones och Ashley Greene.

Här kommer ett utdrag från en artikel :)

For the August issue of Vanity Fair, Norman Jean Roy photographed the spooky beauties of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse—five vampires (Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard) and one lone lady werewolf (Julia Jones). Nancy Jo Sales was on set, where, between takes, the girls mused on the gothic romance that has everyone palpitating.

MTV Movie Awards tv spot med Robert & Taylor

Källa: KerenBells & ellamutuc21 på youtube.com

The Twilight Saga Eclipse tv spot: "Something New

Källa:camarinrosee på youtube.com

onsdag 2 juni 2010

Dagens Bild

Bilden får tala för sig själv....


tisdag 1 juni 2010

Road Train

Hejsan, sorry om jag har varit lite off med att blogga. Jag lovar att gott göra det till er. Jag har uppdaterat en sida på www.twifans.com. Medans jag har varit lite off så har det hänt många saker.

Jag har hittat en ny still til Xaiver Samuels nya film Road Train.
Det ska vara en skräkis, och Xaiver ser mycket bra ut.

Källa ser ni ovan för hela texten. EclipseMovie.org

Vi väntar på....