onsdag 9 juni 2010

Julia Jones DeMan Magazine!

Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) ska vara med i kommande DeMan magazine’s där Kellan Lutz är på omslaget. Hon blev också fotograferad av Mitchell McCormack och det blev jättefina bilder!

Här kommer ett litet utdrag från tidningen-

On her favorite Eclipse scene to film: “[My favorite was] one of the last scenes in the big battle toward the end. Those scenes have a great combination of action and emotional depth. Also, most of the characters are in them. I found shooting in the midst of all that chaos was great fun.”

On why she likes playing Leah Clearwater, a Native American: “One of the best parts about playing a member of the wolfpack, all of whom are Quileute, is that I don’t think of us in ethnic terms. Each character has so many intricate layers of detail that have to do with our back stories and our individual struggles. That is something I relish.”

On the five people she’d invite to her dream dinner party: “Former U.S. president Bill Clinton, former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, novelist Louise Erdrich, actress Katharine Hepburn and Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.”

Här kommer de fina bilderna på henne :)

Kramar <3>


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