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The bloody revenge part one

Since I'm from Sweden so maybe the text is not translated so well.
So I hope you understand. But, I write a fan fic called the bloody revenge, it is Victoria's story. Victoria is played by Bryce Dallas Howard. I hope you like it.

The bloody revenge ...

Hmm ... Victoria thought so that it creaked. She thought up the perfect plan to crush

Cullen. Victoria wanted to avenge her beloved James. Victoria James was everywhere and then every

he was killed by Cullen. Victoria did not care so much about Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie,

Emmett, Jasper and Alice. She wanted to Edwards's girlfriend, and maybe he has to eat breakfast.

She took one look at her flame red hair and it immediately brought a memory from in 1759.

That was the year that Victoria formed a large army of newborn vampires in southern Mexico.

She remembered who we were her side, who was the newborn's second captain.

Riley was his name. He was a young man who was with the army in America at that time. Riley was

blonde and had a dark hazel color of his eyes. Victoria and Riley and every girlfriend

boyfriend after years when they tried to grab her some cities in Mexico, and Austraila

America. "It is what good times there," said Victoria herself and sukade. She got up immediately

and went to the opening of the cave as she was in the days when it was sunny. Because she can

not be outside when it is sunny because then she is burnt down to ashes. Victoria discovered that the sun

had gone down and the night approached. Then she began to think about what that would be

co - Captain with her. She thought of her old friend whose name was Serena von Sazine. Serena

Victoria were friends since they were both in their creator's newborn army. Their creator was called

Mary. Mary had a light milky white skin, ice blonde hair and dark nougat brown hue. Then went

Victoria and picked up the few things she brought with her when she came to the cave. Then

she was out of the cave and immediately took off her necklace with the things that she has gathered after

all her victims. She hugged the collar and said to himself "you will succeed".

The necklace was her lucky charm. Victoria estimated that it would take about one and a

half hours to get to Serena's palace in Dubai. After she had run for a while it started

thirst to come. She stopped at the side of the forest as she ran out on the edge. She saw

that the three men as hiking. She felt their smell and enticed her. She approached

their prey by making an illusion to do so they would think that it was an army with

hundred of Victoria. Walkers started getting confused. The oldest said "whoever you

is reached, we are not afraid of you. " Victoria was suddenly presented to the three men.

"Hey hey, are you making such a young girl who you are out in the woods so late," said the youngest of them

all. Victoria teleported behind the men and began to caress all the three men. It

which was the second child said, "Oh, you know exactly what we like". Victoria ran from there and then

back with a really fast speed and then bet all the men in his throat and began to continue

to run.

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