torsdag 2 september 2010

De nya och gamla vampyrernas speccialförmågor ( i Breaking Dawn)

Edward ~ Able to read everyone's minds at the same time.

Bella ~ Create a shield that offers protection from attack of any kind. attacker cannot see a shield.

Jasper ~ Able to control emotion in the atmosphere you are in.

Alice ~ Able to 'vision' near or far future decisions.

Renesmee ~ Able to share memories by touch. Sends them to one's mind.

Zafrina ~ Able to make most people see what you want them to see. Illusion like.

Eleazar ~ Able to sense/know what another vampire's gift/talent is.

Kate ~ Able to radiate a current that can shock or kill just by touching the body.

Benjamin ~ Able to influence the elements physically, but by thinking of the mind.

Maggie ~ Able to know when you are being lied to.

Siobhan ~ Able to decide goals and willing them into reality.

Alistair ~ Able to feel an evasive pull toward whatever you are seeking.

Aro ~ Able to know all of one's thoughts by touching using the palm.

Alec ~ Able to cut off all feelings of people around you, making them only alive in darkness until dead physically.

Demetri ~ Able to track down anything or anyone or any creature.

Jane ~ Able to send off offensive, powerful, physical attacks toward someone/ people.

Renata ~ Able to create a shield against physical attacks. Attacker is diverted away from attacking victim.


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