fredag 30 juli 2010

Kellan gifter sig, nästan....

Texten är direkt från källan, Marc Malkin jag kunde inte skriva det bättre själv:

Oh, to be Mandy Moore!

Not only does Ms. Moore get to lock lips with Kellan Lutz in the upcoming romantic dramedy Love, Wedding, Marriage, she also marries our favorite underwear-modeling Twilight star.

So just how steamy do things get between the two?

Moore plays a marriage therapist who can’t enjoy her own newlywed life with Lutz’s character because she’s such workaholic. The movie opens with their wedding. There is at least one bedroom scene. “Kellan and Mandy try having sex, but she’s too preoccupied with work to focus,” says a source, who has seen an early cut of the movie.

And yes, we’re happy to confirm what Lutz recently told us—he is plenty shirtless in the film. (Big thanks to director Dermot Mulroney for that!) “His body looks hot, and he just walks around the house without a shirt on for no apparent reason,” notes our source.

Also in the flick is Gossip Girl beauty Jessica Szohr, who plays Moore’s wild child sister. “She’s really funny,” the source says of Szohr. “She’s not in it a lot, but when she is, she’s great comic relief.”


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